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iPhone 4 Home Button Repair


Your iPhone 4 may be getting to that age now where some components are getting a little warn out. One of the most common faults is the home button breaking.

There is a temporary fix that you can do that will keep your iPhone 4 functional by adding a virtual home button to the screen.


Enabling Virtual Home Button

Step 1

IMG_0002Navigate to Settings.







Step 2

From here, touch General.








Step 3


Touch Accessibility.







Step 4

Finally turn AssistiveTouch “On”.

This will keep you going for a while but time will come when you cant put up with it anymore or you want to sell it. Having a fully working iPhone 4 will add value to your iPhone and will help you sell it faster. Our iPhone 4 home button repair has a 12 month warranty and we only use top quality replacement parts. We offer a friendly and fast service and have many returning customers.

Changing The Rear On An iPhone 4


So you’ve broken your iPhone 4 rear. If ever there was a time to fix something for yourself then this is the time.

This repair is very strait forward and can save you quite a few pennies.

What You Need:

iPhone 4 Mini Torx 5 Sided Pentalobe Screwdriver

And either:

Black Rear Case White Rear Case

Changing and iPhone 4 Rear

Step 1


Undo the two screw at the bottom of the phone with the Mini Torx screwdriver.





Step 2


Slide the rear chase up using you thumbs. It should move a couple of mm’s.¬†Gently lift the rear case off from the top.

Step 3


Put the new case on in the same position the old one came of. Then slide it down into the to its final position and put the screws back in. Simple.