‘Google Now’ Available on iOS

Some features of Google Now

Google’s convenience application Google Now has landed on iPhones.

The application is designed to offer advice and reminders to users based on what they have been doing or plan to do. For example, Google Now might show the travel distance from Home to Work in the mornings or integrate with Google Calendar to remind you of your next meeting.

The ideas and suggestions can be useful but if you live outside of the U.S. you’re going to have some features that are not fully supported. For example, you can only follow your favorite teams based in the U.S. Alas, I would love to follow other sports such as Tennis or UK football teams but it doesn’t seem to be supported yet.

Despite this, Google Now offers some useful tips and information and is worth a play around. Just install and let it build a profile for a while to make the most of it. You can find more information here.